Things to consider when choosing the right sheet metal fabrication team

Choosing the right metal fabrication team is a crucial part of success. You need to dedicate time and resources into building a team that will ensure efficient and effective production. While equipment and processes matter, so does the team you hire. When hiring a team, consider the following aspects:

Educational background

Sheet metal fabrication requires trained technicians. To be able to produce quality work, these technicians need training in specific skills. You should, therefore, enquire about their background to ensure they are qualified. You can ask about any formal training and apprenticeship programs. Aside from checking their training background, you should encourage your technicians to increase their knowledge base through continuous learning.

Product quality

Even if a fabricator has the required skills and qualifications, they need to produce a good quality product. For this reason, a trade test is necessary. During the trade test, a potential fabricator can display the skills they acquired through technical training. With a trade test, a fabricator has the chance to showcase the quality of their work.

Safety training

Before hiring a technician, ensure they have safety and health training. Fabrication is a process that requires safety training due to the risks involved. Technicians should know what to do if an accident occurs to prevent any damage to the workstation. Any technician under consideration should take a risk assessment of all equipment and fabrication procedures. They should also have knowledge of appropriate protective equipment for operating machinery and "do nots" for the workplace.

Use a recruiting agency

One benefit of using a recruiting agency is that they can refer qualified workers. A recruiting process is long, expensive and takes up time and money that you do not have. Recruiting firms, however, have access to experienced workers who can fill the position ASAP, which will save you time and money. A recruiting agency is beneficial when you need to fill positions immediately.

Physical strength

Sheet metal fabrication is a job that requires a given amount of strength. Welders need to be able to lift heavy objects, and they spend time on their feet assembling parts. They should, therefore, have good stamina and physical health. You can require them to take a physical examination to ensure they can handle the physical requirements of the job. As a big part of the job involves lifting and stretching the body, a physical exam ensures there is minimal risk of injury.