Die Casting: Why Dripping Requires Urgent Attention

Manufacturing plants that have die casting equipment need to act quickly to resolve any issue that is causing that equipment to drip molten metal from the nozzle or sprue of the equipment. This article discusses some of the problems that can result when dripping is allowed to go on unabated. Productivity Disruptions One of the immediate effects of dripping is that the process of die casting will be interrupted as an operator has to stop the equipment to extract the flattened drip which has caused the die to become blocked. Read More 

Two safety precautions to take when having your manufacturing facility repainted

For both aesthetic and practical reasons, most manufacturing facilities need to be periodically repainted. If you intend to hire an industrial painting specialist to repaint your facility in the near future, here are some safety precautions you should take to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Make sure the area that is being painted is well-ventilated The fumes produced by freshly-applied industrial paint can be very powerful and pungent. Read More 

Dealing with water staining in aluminium

Aluminium is one of the most popular metals in industrial fabrication. The metal is a favourite because it is portable, malleable and does not stain or corrode easily. Aluminium is therefore used in a variety of applications ranging from the manufacture of aeroplane parts, building and construction materials to kitchen utensils. However, aluminium tends to get water staining when it is not properly stored.  Water staining appears as a white and powdery substance which forms on the surface of the metal. Read More 

Key Considerations Before Repairing Pressure Pipes

Facilities managers must be sure that any repair method/product that they choose to use on pressure pipes will yield the desired effects without introducing new risks at the facility. This article discusses the key considerations that can help you to select the best pressure pipe repair method or product. Material Documentation Any product that you use to repair pressure pipes should come with basic documentation about the composition of that product. Read More 

Tips on how to lower the possibility of electrocution and fire when using a portable generator

The best way to ensure that your home has all the power it needs is to have power backup. A generator offers the best power backup solution. The cost of installing a robust and reliable generator for a short-term project might be too high, which makes renting an efficient and practical solution. However, before you rent a generator, it is essential to take measures to lower the possibility of getting electrocuted. Read More