How to Prolong the Service Life of Goal Posts

Maintenance is the key to prolonged goal post life. The following maintenance and usage practices can help you to avoid many of the things that shorten the life of goal posts.

Keep Water Out

Many kinds of goal posts, especially permanent ones, are made from metallic components. Such components can gradually succumb to corrosion if their connections aren't kept watertight. Make sure that all the connections of your goal posts are always watertight so that moisture doesn't infiltrate the goal post and cause it to rust. Anti-corrosion coatings shouldn't lull you into thinking water cannot damage your goal posts. Trapped water can freeze and expand during the colder months of the year. This frozen water can then stress the walls of the goal posts as it forces those walls to expand to accommodate the increased volume of the frozen moisture. Check and ensure that no water can penetrate goal post connections.

Keep Organic Matter Away

Don't allow organic matter, such as grass and litter, to reach the base of the goal posts. Such organic matter can trigger the onset of corrosion at the base holding up your goal posts. It is therefore wise to trim the grass so that none of it grows to the base of the goal posts. Litter and other forms of organic debris should also be removed from the proximity of the goal posts so that it doesn't start decomposing around the base of those posts.

Never Climb the Posts

It is also essential for you to institute strict rules barring everyone from climbing onto the goal posts. Emphasis should be directed towards players who may be carried away after a victory and jump onto the posts in celebration. Such acts can weaken the posts since they were not designed to take the weight of someone climbing onto them. Impose sanctions against those who contradict this rule.

Periodic Inspections

Make a habit of inspecting the goal posts before and after each game or training session. Identify any defects, such as cracks or loose hardware. Rectify those defects immediately so that they don't deteriorate and affect the lifespan of the goal posts.

Goal post manufacturers usually include detailed maintenance instructions in the manual for that hardware. Adhere to those guidelines so that you can avert any avoidable safety risks to the users of the goal posts. Address any issues that develop promptly so that you can get more from the money invested in the goal posts. Contact a company like Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd to learn more.