Areas That Metal Fabricators Should Focus on When Customizing RVs to Function as Toy Haulers

RV manufacturers do not intend for the vehicles to be toy haulers; therefore, owners of ATVs and other recreational equipment find it challenging to haul toys. As a metal fabricator, one way you can attract such clients is by transforming their already existing recreational vehicles (RV) to function as toy haulers. The following are areas to note concerning toy hauler customization projects.

Floor Quality -- Customizing an RV to act as part toy hauler means that the floor will always be subjected to harsh conditions. Not only will the floor have to withstand the weight of people and other RV equipment, but it will also have to handle the added load of recreational toys. As a metal fabricator, you must ensure that the floor of the RV you are transforming is strong enough to handle the new conditions. Therefore, if you find out that the floor of your client's RV is rusty or has holes in it, then it is best to replace the entire floor with a quality metal such as galvanized steel.

Walls – Body walls of a toy hauler are stronger compared to a regular RV. The reason is that with toy haulers, there is additional strain being exerted on the car walls by the haul. Therefore, a less sturdy wall will damage fast compared to a stronger one. Since RVs are manufactured without recreational toys in mind, their walls must be reinforced if they need to pull toys such as ATVs. Additionally, recreational toys come in different shapes and sizes, and these should determine how strong the RV car walls should be customized. As a metal fabricator, therefore, ask clients the size of toys they wish to haul in their RVs. Once you have the information, you can fabricate RV walls to the required strength as per customer needs.

Floor Plan -- While RV owners don't mind having their vehicle functioning as toy haulers, they do not wish to lose the RV's functionality. Since such functionally is affected by floor plan, careful planning is critical if features such as ramps need to be added. However, a customer should decide what the floor will accommodate. For instance, if the client tells you that they will be spending more time outdoors, then a large chunk of the floor's space should be designated for the toys. However, if the customer will be spending time both indoors and outdoors, then you must strike a balance with the floor plan to accommodate both the toys as well as essential RV amenities.

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