Key Considerations Before Repairing Pressure Pipes

Facilities managers must be sure that any repair method/product that they choose to use on pressure pipes will yield the desired effects without introducing new risks at the facility. This article discusses the key considerations that can help you to select the best pressure pipe repair method or product.

Material Documentation

Any product that you use to repair pressure pipes should come with basic documentation about the composition of that product. For example, epoxy repair kits may be used for composite pressure pipes. Read the literature about the resins and other ingredients used to make the repair product. Make sure that those ingredients are compatible with the fluids that are transported by the pressure pipes.

Surface Preparation Requirements

The selection process should also put into consideration the surface preparation requirements of the pressure pipe repair product which you wish to use. For example, some products may necessitate the use of a binding agent before the repair product is applied on the substrate (the pressure pipe). Other products may require the substrate to be subjected to abrasive blasting. Assess the impact of those preparatory measures on your manufacturing processes before you select the repair method or product to use.

Durability Data

Avoid selecting a pressure pipe repair product or technique if you have no access to data about the durability of that product/method under normal service conditions. The data should reflect how long the repair can be expected to last before the pressure pipe starts showing weaknesses at that repaired point. Consider the data regarding the performance of that product under abnormal conditions, such as surge pressures and temperatures beyond the anticipated service conditions. This information will prepare you for any eventualities that can arise when the repair site is subjected to those abnormal conditions. The best repair product should last for as long as the service life of the pressure pipe itself.

Safety Data

Many pressure pipe repair products require personnel to handle various chemicals during the repair process. Study the health and safety risks that may be associated with exposure to those chemicals before you select a given repair product. Train and equip your employees appropriately so that they will not be at risk of being harmed by those hazardous chemicals that are necessary during the repair process.

It may be necessary for you to ask a third party to perform the repair in case the pressure pipes carry particularly hazardous materials, such as explosive chemicals. Such a person will ensure that any repair conducted will restore the pressure pipe to an excellent condition.