How can you make sure your store’s sign is winter proof?

If you are a store owner, you will know how important it is to make your storefront stand out from the crowd. One of the first things that a prospective customer will see when they walk past your store is the store sign that you have hanging above the outside of your store. Of course, the design of the sign is very important, but so is ensuring that your store sign stands the test of time. Many store owners do not take into consideration the ways that winter weather can potentially damage a sign. Here are some things to take into account if you want your sign to look its very best throughout the winter.

Choice of material. When it comes to weather resistance, the most important consideration is going to be what your sign is actually made of. Perspex, which is a form of treated acrylic, can be a very good choice because it is practically weather resistant. Perspex signs will not crack and buckle if frost sets in, nor will the sign bend and become soft if you experience a very hot summer. Aluminium is also a popular choice because it doesn't split, warp or bow no matter the weather, and it's also a metal that doesn't rust.

Neon lights can fade. One of the great things about Perspex signs is that they are very malleable so can create all kinds of colourful lettering to really create the image you want. If, however, you'd like to push the boat out and add some neon lighting to your sign, you should know that neon sometimes falters in cold temperatures. When the weather gets frosty, it's very likely that the light will dim, simply because of its chemical make-up. The good news is that the neon will shine brightly again when temperatures rise, but if you are looking for consistency throughout the year, this could be an issue.

Avoid paint. Whatever you do, don't try and cut corners and paint a sign yourself. The reason is that paint just doesn't hold up in cold temperatures. It will chip, flake and eventually all peel off, which does not exactly scream professionalism. With something like a Perspex sign, you can have the sign created with as many colours as you wish, and they will stand the test of time no matter the weather.

Follow this advice, and your store's sign should last for many winters to come.