2 tips for preventing accidents in your manufacturing facility

There are several things you can do to prevent accidents in your manufacturing facility. Continue reading to learn more. 

1. Carry out spot-checks to ensure that welding equipment is being used in a safe manner

If used carelessly, welding equipment can cause accidents that can lead to those involved sustaining major, life-changing injuries. As such, if like many other manufacturers, you use welding equipment in your facility, it is vital to ensure that your employees are operating it in a safe manner. The most effective way to do this is to perform spot-checks at random, as this will minimise the chances of your employees using the equipment in a careless or dangerous way (as they will be aware of the fact that a spot-check could happen at any time).

There are several things that you should look out for during these spot-checks. You should, for example, make sure that the equipment operators are inspecting their safety gear for signs of deterioration before they put it on and begin using the equipment (as wearing damaged safety gear could put them at risk of corneal wounds and lung damage, as well as second and third-degree burns). You should also make sure that they are keeping the ventilation system's extractor fan switched on for the duration of the welding process (as failing to do this could lead to some of the toxic welding fumes lingering in the air and putting your staff members who inhale them at risk of lung problems).

2. Keep the floors of your facility clean, dry and free from debris

Another highly effective way to prevent accidents in your manufacturing facility is to keep the floors in your building clean, dry and free from debris. The reason for this is as follows; debris (such as materials that have not yet been stowed away, or discarded tools), engine oil leaks (from your indoor forklifts or boom lifts) and water spillages can greatly increase the chances of your employees tripping and falling when they are walking around your facility.

In addition to being hurt by the fall itself, an employee in this situation could also be injured by any hazardous materials they happened be holding when they fell (like bottles of toxic chemicals or sharp tools, for instance). As such, it is vital to instruct a few of your staff members to monitor the condition of the facility's floors and ensure that they are kept tidy, dry and clean at all times.