Restaurant Kitchen Fit-Out Ideas for Health Safety

Over the years, there have been several health crises. Many of these have caused changes to the restaurant industry. One of those changes has seen many restaurant owners requesting fit-out ideas that allow for the health safety of their patrons as well as the general health safety of their wait staff and kitchen staff. Here are a few ideas for your restaurant kitchen if you are considering a health-based upgrade.

Expanded Refrigeration

One of the ways that many restaurant owners are cutting back on health issues is to stop offering fountain drinks and begin offering individual bottled drinks. These individual drinks can come directly to the table and do not come in contact with glassware that other patrons have used, that may not be sanitized properly or that may have other issues that are health concerns. The expanded refrigeration can be done in several ways. For example, you can use a refrigeration system that offers refrigeration only for the bottled drinks in a self-dispensing manner to reduce the chance of multiple bottles being touched by multiple people during serving time.

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Some older restaurant kitchens may not have a fully integrated stainless steel area. In fact, some kitchens may only have stainless steel with the appliances while others may only have stainless steel when it comes to prep areas. In order to cut down on health issues and the spread of bacteria or viruses, you can choose to have a restaurant fit-out that is all stainless steel. A stainless steel kitchen is easier to clean, easier to use and notice grease and dirt and is easier to sanitize when you are doing a full kitchen sanitization. It also does not hold on to bacteria as long as other surfaces. 

Integrated Sanitation Stations

Most kitchens have a sanitation station of some kind. This is usually next to the dishwashing station or a prep station. However, during a kitchen fit-out, you can have integrated stations placed in other areas. For example, you can have them integrated at the grill station, refrigeration section, inside and outside of refrigeration and storage areas and entering and exiting the kitchen area. These do not have to be stand-alone or industrial. You can find restaurant kitchen fit-outs for sanitation stations that fit in with your decor and are virtually unseen by the public.

These are just a few of the restaurant kitchen fit-outs that you may want to consider. If you are considering a hotel restaurant for a commercial kitchen fit-out, then some of these ideas may also work best for you. If you have particular needs as a hotel restaurant that services both dining and room service options, contact your local fit-outs contractor to discuss further ideas that may be suitable for you. They can provide further information regarding a restaurant kitchen fit-out.